8 Tips for Buying a Used Car

When it comes to buying cars, most of us like it brand new. However, not always people have the money to buy a new car, where buying a used car often solves the problem.

Keep in mind that buying a used car is not as simple as buying a new one. So, it’s important that before you buy a used car, you take a step back and check whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

Used car buyers are usually quite worried and suspicious about the condition of the car that they are about to purchase. In used cars, there can be things which are breaking right now, or things which may have recently been fixed.

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ASE Certified Technician

In the world that we are living today, you need an edge to stay relevant and find your niche in the job market. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay ahead of your peers is gaining more knowledge; but even so this knowledge must be relevant.
Technicians will always be in demand, that’s why you need the following certifications to give you that push you need to get the job of your dreams.A1-Engine RepairThis certification allows you to repair any faults in an engine and also to install used or re-manufactured engines in cars. With an A1 certificate, you are able to tinker with the whole engine and leave it better than it was before making you the perfect person for engine repairs and maintenance in any firm.A2-Automatic Transmission/TransaxleThe A2 certificate helps with the skills necessary to determine why a vehicle is not performing per norm in regards to the valve pressure, transmission

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Would you want to work on BMW?

Ohio Technical College offers a course that will train you specifically in BMW and offer you a spot as a technical upon graduation.

When enrolled if Ohio Technical College you will have the option to pursue the BMW course known as “Fast Track.”  Not anyone can join!  You must attain a high average in all of your classes and then therefore you are picked to be accepted in the program.

What does the course do for you?

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Places to Work?

Have you thought about places to work?  Picking a company to work for is a very important step for your career.  Finding the right company that has great benefits along with pay is hard thing to come by.

I can tell you from experience!  When I started I asked myself these same questions.  I started working in family owned automotive shops.  After working at several independent shops I realized that it was a good place to get your feet wet.  When you first start off your not going to very productive and make the flat rate pay scale all the time.  You will most likely spend a little more on a job then what the book calls for.  By working an hourly rate at a smaller shop this will give you the ability to learn and experience more hands work.  I would say working for a smaller shop to start for an automotive or diesel technician is a smart choice.

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Technical School

Here are some common questions people ask when thinking about going in the field.  Do I need a degree?  Do I need to go to school?  The answer is no!  By attending school or additional training it will give you the leverage over another person who didn’t.    By going to school you will have the option to get ASE certified in specific areas.  You can also earn your associates degree in school.   Ohio Technical College, Universal Technical Institute, and Wyo Tech are some of the top automotive and diesel schools in the country.

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Purchasing a Tool Box

Have you thought about buying a toolbox to be a technician?   There any many different tool boxes and I hope I can give you some value when purchasing a tool box.  Buying a tool box should be thought as a long term investment.  If you buy quality brands your tool box will last forever and could be handed down through your generation. Keep Reading

Automotive or Diesel

Have you thought about going in the Automotive or Diesel industry?  There are many different factors when choosing which field you should go into.  I will give you my two cents on both fields.

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