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Technical School

Here are some common questions people ask when thinking about going in the field.  Do I need a degree?  Do I need to go to school?  The answer is no!  By attending school or additional training it will give you the leverage over another person who didn’t.    By going to school you will have the option to get ASE certified in specific areas.  You can also earn your associates degree in school.   Ohio Technical College, Universal Technical Institute, and Wyo Tech are some of the top automotive and diesel schools in the country.

Once you get your foot in the door and start working at a company you are going to want to absorb and learn from all the technicians.  By being productive as possibly will earn you more money, especially if you are working flat-rate.  Plan on it taking 5 years in the field to become a master technician.  Becoming a master technician you will not only have to have years of experience in the field but pass all of your ASE tests including: automotive transmission/transaxle, heating and air-conditioning, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering brakes, electrical/electronic systems, engine performance and engine repair.  Once these are completed you will be consider an ASE MASTER Technician.

What is the pay for being a technician?  The pay can very from state and the specific work you are doing.  The low for a technician is $35,000 a year while the high is $60,000.  If you are planning on going into this field just make sure you are 100% sure.  Lots of money is invested in tools and schooling.

Final Note.  They are always going to make more vehicles.  The U.S. will always develop more technology.  As long as this stays true there will always be a demand for technicians.  Many employees are looking for educated students who can grow with there company.  This is why learning all principles of automotive or diesel is vital to your success.

The number of vehicles in the U.S. is expected to rise, which should result in the need for more technicians.  As vehicles last longer, there will be an demand for basic repair. A large number of openings are going to occur in automotive dealerships and independent repair shops because everyone needs a car for transportation.  Having an education will give you a slight edge.  One thing to take home with you. Learn everything about computer systems, electrical systems, and alternative fuels because that is the future.  Stay tune for more.  Contact me with any questions.


Purchasing a Tool Box

Have you thought about buying a toolbox to be a technician?   There any many different tool boxes and I hope I can give you some value when purchasing a tool box.  Buying a tool box should be thought as a long term investment.  If you buy quality brands your tool box will last forever and could be handed down through your generation.  The brand is not that important as it are the key factors listed below but Matco, Mac, and Snap-on are good brands to check out.  Overall quality of the box and making sure it is well built is very important.  Tool boxes can cost from $500 to at least $10,000.  Having a budget and shopping around is the most important thing when purchasing a box.  A tool truck will always charge more then finding someone on craigslist or other sources.  Make sure you look around before buying.  If you need you tool box towed to a shop just click here.  If you have any questions about tool boxes just let me know.  Click Here.

10 Key Factors to think about when Purchasing.

  1. Budget
  2. Ball Bearing
  3. Drawers Size
  4. Quality Wheel Casters
  5.  Locking Mechanism
  6. Weight of Box (Heavier the Better)
  7. Height of Box
  8. How is Put Together?
  9. Warranty


Automotive or Diesel

Have you thought about going in the Automotive or Diesel industry?  There are many different factors when choosing which field you should go into.  I will give you my two cents on both fields.

Diesel-Generally when your working on diesel engines they are a less complex to work on depending what vehicle it is in.  The parts on diesel engines are bigger which can be a good or a bad.  While working on trucks you will be climbing, crawling, lifting, pushing, and pulling.  Most Diesel shops have more room so you will not be shorted for space.  It has been proven by www.payscale.com that Diesel technician generally get paid more.  Most Diesel technicians get paid salary or hourly.

Automotive-Working on cars they are obviously smaller which make it more cramped to work on.  You will be do less crawling and climbing due to the fact that you are working from a lift.  Automotive industry you are either going to get paid hourly or flat rate.  Technicians are required to work at a fast pace to get the job done asap.  Working in the automotive industry tends to be less greasy.

Note- If you want to work in Automotive or Diesel you better develop a strong mindset.  More technicians will talk trash to you.  If you cant handle this I would recommend you do something else. COME BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION!

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