About Me

Hi, I’m Danny Hillow. My passion in the automotive industry began when I was just 8 years old. I’ll never forget the morning my dad first took me for a ride in his 2002 Chevy Corvette. The exhaust thundered, its windows were tinted, and the sound system had to of woken up every neighbor on the block. Ever since that day, I’ve had an obsession for speed. My dad helped me get my hands dirty working on vehicles. He taught me how to tear cars apart and put them back together.

Years later, I started taking automotive classes while I was still in high school. However, that wasn’t enough for me, so I continued to look for opportunities to further my education. I was lucky to get a $10,000 scholarship from Ohio Technical College where I graduated among the top 5 students with an Associate Degree in Automotive and Diesel Engineering.

After graduation, I started my career working as a technician for school buses. My potential was soon discovered by my manager, which led to my promotion to management. Although I had just finished college, I still felt confident in my new role.

I started off managing sixty buses and three technicians, but soon found myself working with three hundred buses and ten technicians. I’ve recently accepted a position with Tesla managing repairs and maintenance on under warranty vehicles. This is a dream come true as I get to apply my managerial experience to an exciting company that is paving a new future.

Through this blog, I’m excited to share all my knowledge and experience in the Automotive and Diesel industry. My posts will focus on the things I like and dislike within the industry. I hope you find value in this blog and share it with others who are also speed obsessed. Have a great day!