Certifications Required to Become an ASE Certified Technician

In the world that we are living today, you need an edge to stay relevant and find your niche in the automobile job market. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay ahead of your peers is gaining more knowledge; but even so this knowledge must be relevant. Technicians will always be in demand, that’s why you need the following certifications to give you that push you need to get the job of your dreams.

A1-Engine Repair: This certification allows you to repair any faults in an engine and also to install used or re-manufactured engines in cars. With an A1 certificate, you are able to tinker with the whole engine and leave it better than it was before making you the perfect person for engine repairs and maintenance in any firm.

A2-Automatic Transmission/Transaxle: The A2 certificate helps with the skills necessary to determine why a vehicle is not performing per norm in regards to the valve pressure, transmission operations and the fluids. You are able to check that the car’s conditions are optimum and it is operating well.

A3-Manual Drive Train and Axles: The A3 certificate gives you the edge in the market as it gives you the knowledge on how to operate manual cars that do not come with automatic drive option. It also helps you to understand other manual operations in automobiles.

A4-Suspension and Steering: This certificate allows you to correct any mishap in the automobile’s steering and suspension making you a valuable member of any automobile repair company. The A4 certificate helps you to have the technical skills necessary to maintain and repair all suspension and steering related matters.

A5-Brakes: Brakes are one of the most important parts of an automobile especially when it comes to preventing accidents. The A5 certification places you in place to know how the brakes operates and be able to ensure that they are always at prime conditions.

A6-Electrical/Electronic System: The electrical part of an automobile maintains the operation of an automobile vehicle by recharging the automobile’s battery. The A6 helps you to be able to understand the electronic system of an automobile and keep it maintained in pristine conditions.

A7-Heating and Air Condition: The A7 certificate gives you the technical skills required to maintain an automobile in correct temperatures as you are able to repair any damage to the heating and air condition ensuring that the automobile stays in perfect conditions.

A8-Engine Performance: When there are issues with the performance of the engine, then the A8 is the certificate that you require to correct them. A8 places you in a competitive position as automobiles will always have engine performance problems and you will be able to solve them.

A9-Light Vehicle Diesel Engine: Different vehicles use different engine and different fuels. The A9 certification specializes in light vehicle diesel engines thus ensuring that you know how to repair and maintain any and all engines that may come your way.