Would you want to work on BMW? Ohio automobile technician College offers a course that will train you specifically in BMW and offer you a spot as a technical upon graduation.

When enrolled in Ohio Technical College you will have the option to pursue the BMW course known as “Fast Track”.  Not anyone can join!  You must attain a high average in all of your classes and then therefore you are picked to be accepted in the program.

What does the course do for you?

By getting accepted into the course you will learn the ins and and outs of BMW.  Drive-line, electrical, suspension, brakes, exhaust, and learn how different software’s.  I believe the course is a 3 month program that if you pass you can be accepted to any BMW program around the world.  The neat thing is that is one of the only ways to get into a BMW dealership.

Is the course worth taking?

I would say Yes!  I personally did not take the course but my buddy that graduated with me did.  He said “the course opened his eyes up to a new world of electrical.” Many things are taught in that program that you will not find in the original training of OTC.  This course allowed him to quit his part time job working for brookfield roofing company and become a certified technician with more pay and benefits. He now is currently making $80k a year as a technician with 4 years of experience. I would say that is not bad at all!

Choosing a Dealership?

Choosing a dealership after you graduate can be a hard decision. These are some questions you should ask yourself? Where do I want to live? What is the cost of living? How much will I get paid? Money does give you the freedom to have what you want! I would figure out your expenses and go from there. My friend named Shane works at a place called International BMW. The cost of living was not that high and ultimately it was close to home. There are a lot of factors that go into play but ultimately decide over a couple of days and don’t make a rash decision.

Great opportunity?

I really think if you like BMW and would love to work on that particular brand this would be a great option for you. All you have to do is get good scores on your test and pass the course. BMW treats there technician very well. There is a very low turnover rate. I kind of wish I did it. So if you have any questions just go ahead and try it out. The option you have moving forward in infinite.  If you have more questions about the course contact me.