5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tesla

If you’re about to purchase a brand new Tesla vehicle read this article before finalizing the deal! I recently went through the buying process and absolutely love my car. That being said, there’s a lot I wish I had known before I made the purchase. So, whether you’re about to buy or starting to look, read ahead and thank me later. Here are five things I wish I had known before buying my 2021 Tesla Model S.

  1. Referral Link

    Due to Tesla’s desire to keep prices comparably low with competitors, they have foregone the classic sales lot model. You won’t find a Tesla owned dealership that will walk you through every stage of the process. Because of this, the exact details of a sale seem to differ between each customer. So, any bit of research you can complete before heading to a Tesla authorized distributor will save you multiple headaches in the long run. Reading this article is a great start, but don’t stop there. Make sure you test drive and get a referral link from a fellow Tesla owner before completing your purchase. This referral link will give you and the referrer benefits upon the execution of your order. These range from free Super Charging to discounts on merchandise and other great rewards. All referral links begin with “ts.la,” so look out for that identifier when getting a friend’s code.

  2. Your VIN May be Incorrect

    Tesla is notorious for always trying to maximize efficiency. This means that they may re-route entire trucks full of Tesla vehicles if they think it will be more time or labor efficient to send the truck somewhere else. Because of this, VIN numbers that are given to customers waiting for their Tesla to be delivered, may be incorrect. It’s always important to double check your VIN number once the car has arrived. Follow the old adage and never count your chickens before they hatch.

  3. Bad Communication

    I know it seems insane that a multibillion-dollar tech company would have poor communication skills when they are selling sixty-thousand-dollar products, but that’s exactly the case with Tesla. Online forums are littered with people complaining about the sales process and frustratingly slow response times from advisors and sales associates. The truth is, this problem isn’t going anywhere and if you really want a Tesla, you’re going to have to deal with bad communication. The best way is to prepare yourself and not expect instant gratification. When your car arrives, it’ll be a momentous day, but that day is probably going to be a bit further in the future than you might hope.

  4. Buy at the end of March, June, September, or December

    Because Tesla is a publicly traded company, they have to release their sales report at the end of every quarter. This means that if they underperform, they can expect their stock to plummet. This has actually happened a couple times in the last two years. Despite those road blocks, Tesla has gained steadily on the NASDAQ and DOW. This is in part due to their practice of increasing sales quarterly. You can use this information to your advantage by planning your purchase around the end of a quarter. If you do this, make sure to request extra benefits within your package. Since the sales team will be needing to deliver, they will be more incentivized than ever to sweeten the pot and get you to buy. This fact actually goes for all major vehicle manufacturers as they are all publicly traded companies.

  5. Check the Tesla Inventory Page

    This website shows the available Tesla’s within inventory at any given time. These cars are currently available and ready for purchase. The great thing about buying from this list is that you may find a vehicle that they are struggling to sell for whatever reason. It may be that the Tesla was a demo car and has miles on it already. Or it could be a specific build that is less commonly desired. Either way, Tesla may be willing to throw in extra benefits if you purchase these vehicles that they wouldn’t be willing to include if you custom ordered your car. It’s always worth checking the website and asking your sales representative what extra rewards they can bundle into your purchase.

Tesla vehicles are incredible and well worth the price point. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t several hoops you’ll have to jump through to get your hands on one of these beautifully crafted vehicles. By utilizing the tools provided in this blog – using a referral link, double checking the VIN, purchasing at the right time – you’ll enjoy a stress-free experience and some great rewards. Just make sure you’re mentally prepared for whatever speed bumps Tesla throws your way.