Danny Hillow

About Me

My name is DANNY HILLOW.  YES! That is my REAL name.

My passion from working on vehicles began when I was 8 years old.   My Dad took me for a ride in his 2002 Chevy Corvette.  I remember it had loud exhaust, it had t tops, the windows were tinted, and it had an amazing sound system.  Ever since that first ride I began my love for automotive. I then I knew I had an addiction for speed.  I began my journey working with my Dad and began getting my hands dirty.  I loved the fact that I could tear anything apart and put it back together

So the journey started!  I attended automotive classes through high school.  This led me to wanting to further my education. I then attended Ohio Technical College with a $10,000 scholarship.  If you looking for an Automotive and Diesel college send me a message.  I graduated top 5 in my class with a associate degree in Automotive and Diesel.

I then began working in the field.  I began my career as a technician working on school buses.  My manager some my potential and promoted me to a manager.  This was a big step for me wright out of college but I was ready.  I had to manage 60 buses along with three technicians.  A couple years fast forward I now run and manage of over 300 buses and 10 Technicians.  I have learned and grew so much in this field.  Working as a Manager help me develop people skills and  leading a team.  I really loved leading a team and helping other people with there work.  It’s amazing how far you can go with hard work!

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